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Efficiency Improvements in Domestic LPG Burner

Shankar Narayan Badiger, T.R. Anil, V.V. Katt, Punit Shirahatti



Experiments are conducted on the domestic LPG burner with porous material as preheating and combustion medium. The burner consist of two layers of porous medium. The combustion zone is made up of silicon carbide and metal chips. The stainless-steel balls as preheating zone. The performance of the domestic LPG conventional burner is calculated in terms of heating efficiency for the different thermal inputs(Wattages) and results are compared with that of newly designed porous burner. Water boiling test was conducted according to BIS. The maximum heating efficiency for the porous burner with metal chips as combustion zone found 66% which is 6% higher than the conventional burner.

Keywords: Porous media, heating efficiency, flame shapes, LPG burner, water boiling test

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Shankar Badiger, T.R. Anil, V.V. Katt, Punit Shirahatti. Efficiency Improvements in Domestic LPG Burner. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2019; 6(3): 7–11p.

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