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Experimental design and FEA Evaluation of Vibration-based Actuator

Rama Raju Golla, Amol N Patil



Circuit breakers are mostly used in power distribution systems. Adornments of electrical switch extend and supplement its capacity. Essentially, circuit breakers are utilized in circumstance where current stock surpasses characterized cutoff points or short out in this way, which lead to component failure. Mechanical life test, operational dependability test, spillage module activity test, under voltage and shunt discharges test, assistant and caution contacts test are significant in the electrical switch test. In this task we are going to produce vibration-based actuator set up utilized for insurance of substantial hardware in car industry. In present research circuit is to break by using vibrational characteristics as natural frequency of beam using pneumatic cylinder, Arduino and solenoid valve arrangement. In our setup it consists of two cantilever beams are attached with help of circuit breaker. Vibrations are provided to the cantilever beam with the help of pneumatic cylinder arrangement. Modal analysis will be simulated by using FEA (Ansys Workbench). In the experimentation, we use Impact hammer test and FFT analyzer for the validation purpose. Natural frequencies for vibration-based actuator is to be calculated. Results and conclusion will be drawn by comparing analytical and experimental values.

Keywords: Vibration Exciter, FEA, Modal Analysis, FFT Analyzer

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Rama Raju Golla, Amol N Patil. Experimental design and FEA Evaluation of Vibration-based Actuator. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2020; 7(2): 33–40p.

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