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Study of Water and Ethylene Glycol Based Cu Nanoparticles inside Parallel Disks with VMHD

Abu Bakkar Nawaz, Rehan Ali Shah, Muhammad Sohail Khan, Asif Nawaz


In this article, we have developed a mathematical model for water and ethylene glycol based copper nanoparticles between two parallel Disks under the influence of variable magnetic field. Parametric study for the flow field, temperature variation and magnetic field are performed from the set of Navier-Stokes, Energy and from the Maxwell equations. Coupled system of PDE’s are converted into system of ODE’s by means of similarity transformations. Effects of various parameters, like, squeezing parameter S, Hartman number M, Reynolds number R and Prandtl number Pr on the physical properties of flow, temperature variation and magnetic field are discussed and graphed. For comparison numerical results obtained by Parametric Continuation Method and BVP4C package results are compared.


Power Law, Squeezing flow, Magnetic Field, Velocity field, Heat Transfer, Parametric Continuation Method (PCM) and BV4C Schemes

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