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Service Life Improvement Analysis of Cryogenically Treated Blanking Punch

M. M. Dhobe


After traditional heat treatment, Cryogenic treatment is carried out as a secondary process to improve the hardness and wear resistance of tool steels. The researchers have already studied and it is well published the potential use of cryogenic treatment of AISI D2 tool steel under laboratory conditions. However, to ensure the sustainable use of this technology for industrial application, its analysis is essential. Therefore, in this work a small scale manufacturing unit having press shop was identified and impact of cryogenic treatment on AISI D2 steel blanking punch was evaluated in terms of tool life and part quality. The improved hardness and wear resistance of cryogenically treated punch resulted in approximately 60% production rise. Punch life was studied and correlated to part quality in term of dimensional accuracy of blanking punch. The AISI D2 steel samples were also prepared and subjected to laboratory tests comprising of metallographic observations and hardness. It was found that laboratory tests were not sufficient to predict improvements in service life of punch. The dimensional accuracy plays an important role in deciding the service life.


Cryogenic, Blanking Process, Wear, Hardness, Punch life, D2 tool steel.

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