Punch Load Estimation in Hole Flanging Process of Sheet Metal

Pankaj Shrivastava


In the hole flanging process, predetermine hole in the sheet is enlarged by the larger punch for forming the flange. This process is often used in the industry. In this paper the hole flanging process of sheet steel material is studied. In this study a numerical simulation did for elasto-plastic analysis of hole flanging process. The punch load and lip shape behavior on hole flanging process is studied under the different center hole diameter and different punch profile radius. The results of simulations are validated with a few published experimental results.


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Pankaj Shrivastava, Punch Load Estimation in Hole Flanging Process of Sheet Metal.Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology. 2017; 7(3): 40–44p.


Hole flanging process, elasto-plastic analysis, punch load, punch profile radius, numerical simulation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37591/tmet.v7i3.64


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