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Unleashing the Power of Human Body for Communication with RedTacton

Dr. Anjali Dadich, Aman Ghogare, Sonali Kolpe, Shubham Ghatage


"Red Tacton" refers to the most recent advanced technology utilized as a communication network within the human body. NTT, which stands for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, developed the Human Area Network (HAN) in Japan. RedTacton is a technology that utilizes the low field created by the human body to transmit data effectively. This ground-breaking technology uses the surface of the human body to transmit data securely and quickly. The human body can serve as a medium for communication and facilitate interactions using IEEE 802.3 for half-duplex communication at a rate of up to 10Mbps. Red Tacton is a unique wireless networking technology that stands out from others due to its safety and high-speed capabilities. It employs a harmless Tacton chip that includes both a transmitter and receiver, allowing for the transmission and reception of data in a digital format. This research paper examines the functionality of REDTACTON, explores its various applications, and highlights its distinguishing characteristics in comparison to other networking technologies, without relying on copied content from other sources.


Human Area Networking,REDTACTON, electric field, transceiver, electro-optic crystal, duplex communication

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