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Performance Improvement of RoF & FSO based Hybrid Network using Multi Beam Transmission

Abhimanyu Nain, Sanket Malik, Ajay Kumar


Radio over Fiber and Free Space Optics has become a popular technology to provide wireless data services to mobile users. But both have their own limitations when implemented separately. In this manuscript, we have proposed a multi beam transmission assisted hybrid network based on Radio over Fiber and Free Space Optics. It is revealed that by deploying multiple beams in the free space transmission, the data rate is enhanced by 1.25 Gbps compared to conventional single beam transmission when fiber length is 20 km & free space range is 1000 meters. Various parameters such as BER, Q factor, OSNR & eye diagrams are utilized to investigate the system performance. It combines wireless technology and optical fiber technology network systems. It is a procedure where radio frequency (RF) signals and RF modulate optical signals. It propagates through the optical wire. It has several benefits, including high data speeds, no licensing requirements, a small beam angle, ease of deployment, simple integration with optical fiber-based cellular backhaul, low cost, and low power consumption. There are numerous uses for radio over fiber (RoF), including defense systems, cellular communication, sensor networks, radars, and broadband wireless access networks.


RoF, FSO, BER, Q factor, OSNR.

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