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Effect of Switching Faults in DFIG Based WECS

Arathy Raveendran, Chama R. Chandran


Wind energy is one of the renewable energy source used for the power generation. Nowadays doubly fed induction generators (DFIG) are commonly used, because of variable speed operation, power control and smaller converter capacity. DFIG based Wind energy conversion system (WECS) consists of Rotor side converter (RSC) and Grid side converter (GSC). These converters are made up of power electronics switches, so the chance of fault is more and this may lead to system damage. The DFIGs are also more sensitive to grid disturbance, so the detection of fault is more important. The DFIG based Wind energy conversion system is modeled and different fault such as switching fault is analyzed in MATLAB/SIMULINK software.


Doubly fed induction generator; Wind energy conversion system; Rotor side converter; Grid side converter

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