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CMOS Gm-C IF Filter using SCA for Dual Band Receiver

Kehul A. Shah, NM Devashrayee


This paper deals with design of folded cascode OTA-C filter, which works for frequencies for RF application, based on transistor sizing methodology and simulation results are performed using SPICE software and BSIM3V3 model for CMOS 0.18 μm process, show that the designed folded cascode OTA has a 52 dB DC gain and provides a unit gain bandwidth of around 400 MHz. Design of CMOS Gm-C 2nd order Biquad filter implementation using OTA, operating at center frequency 70 and 10.6 MHz. The filter can be operated at center frequency of 70 MHz under 1.8 V power supply and is suitable for intermediate frequency (IF) range in most of the wireless systems operating at 900 MHz GSM and at 88–108 MHz FM. With SCA, it tuned for required band operation.

Keywords: Folded cascode OTA, gm/ID methodology, active filters, S-parameter, SCA, (OTA-C) filters, GSM, FM

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Shah Kehul A, Devashrayee NM. CMOS Gm-C IF Filter using SCA for Dual Band Receiver. Journal of VLSI Design Tools and Technology. 2015; 5(3): 18–36p.

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