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Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Switchgear and Protection

Harshal D. Vaidya, Pandurang G. Kate, Balaji R. Jadhav


In this paper, the application of Artificial intelligence (AI) methods in power system
protection and inspection has been discussed. In this paper particularly AI application of line
scout Robot is used. Line scout robot is an inspection based Artificial intelligence Robot. Line
Scout robot is able to work on the power lines while they are operating (at very high tension).
The robot can patrol in a substation and inspect equipment with a visible-light camera and
thermograph. It has possess a vast array of cameras and tools that allow the remote operators
to inspect and conduct (albeit minor) repairs on the power lines without needing to put the
off-service or risking their lives. It is preventive arrangement for detection of fault (very high

Keywords: Artificial intelligence (AI), artificial general intelligence (AGI), corona pulse, Line
Scout Robot, power system

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