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Privacy Preserving Cloud Data Access using Control and Automation Technique

Sachin kumar


At gift the mankind are steadily relying extra on some of online garage stores to again up our
records or for the use of it in real time which gives an anywhere, anytime get admission to.
These kinds of services convey with it, worries of safety and privacy weaknesses for all of the
services supplied via them for the reason that customers statistics are stored and maintained
out of user’s premises. This paper portrays the various troubles associated to privacy even as
storing the User’s statistics on one-third celebration provider vendors, that's extra typically
termed as cloud Service. Without suitable protection and privateness solutions designed for
clouds this computing paradigm should become a huge failure. There is a lot of studies being
made to spot out the issues with those cloud service companies and cloud security in trendy.
This paper is on regard of one of the key trouble-privacy that occur inside the context of
Cloud computing and examine the numerous works being carried out to solve the problems in
privateness and thus to make sure privacy to outsourced statistics on cloud garage.

Keywords: Automation technique, cloud computing, cloud server, feasibility, software, threat

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