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An Overview of the Contemporary GSM system in Digital world

Soni Bisht


This undertaking is geared toward the layout and implementation of the continued studies on

the M2M wi-fi communique of diverse machines and gadgets in cellular networks is a fast-
growing business and application location in the enterprise, maintenance enterprise,

customer service, safety, and banking areas. This assignment presents the layout and
implementation of a far flung manipulate system by using the GSM cell verbal exchange
network. The design integrates the tool to be managed, the microcontroller, and the GSM
module so that it is able to be used for a huge variety of programs. On this project, we aimed
to switch off/on the home equipment via sending the message.

Keyword: Encryption, GSM, GPRS, microprocessors, Wi-Fi


Keyword: Encryption,GSM, GPRS, Microprocessors, WI-FI.

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