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Recovery of Struvite from Java Plum Leaves

P. Rajendra Prasad, Y. Lakshmi, K. Nagamalleswara Rao



Bio-degradation and leaching of java plum leaves liberates phosphate and can be recovered as struvite. Quantity of P2O5 obtained recoverable is 0.3009 g of P2O5/kg of leaves.  Concentration of NaOH, ammonia, Magnesium sulphate was varied in aliquot.  Process optimum variables were 12 g of 1N NaOH, 15 ml liquor ammonia, 5 g of magnesium sulphate yields 9.398 g of P2O5/kg of leave.


Bio-degradation, java plum leaves, struvite, aliquot

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