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Removal of Cadmium from Aqueous Solution by Modified Sawdust as Adsorbent

Pragati Dubey, Sumint Singh Trivedia, Laxmikant Pandey


The study was carried out to determine the percentage removal efficiency of heavy metal like cadmium by using the modified form of sawdust as an adsorbent. Cadmium is highly toxic to human, plant and all living organism present in the environment. It was found that the chemically treated sawdust is a better adsorbent as compare to the untreated form of sawdust. After treating the sawdust with sodium hydroxide (NaOH), it was found that the capacity was increased four times as fact that chemical treatment enhances their natural capacity. The effect of various physical parameters was studied as pH, adsorbent dose and contact time. Then the process was cost optimised. The present paper is about the %removal efficiency of cadmium using modified sawdust as an adsorbent is about 92%.


Cadmium modified adsorbent, sawdust, heavy metal

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