Continuous Column Study of Chromium (VI) Adsorption by Ion Exchange Resin

Ajay Kumar Konga, Gomathi Priya Ponnaiah


The Indion GS300 anion exchange resin was trialed for its ability to remove chromium (VI) from synthetic wastewater by continuous column experiments. The ability of Indion GS300 to adsorb chromium (VI) in a fixed-bed column was analyzed. The effects of operating parameters such as flow rate and bed depth on the sorption characteristics of Indion GS300 were investigated. The total adsorbed quantities, equilibrium characteristics were related to the effluent volumes determined by evaluating the breakthrough curves obtained at different flow rates (11–15 ml/min) and different bed length (3–15 cm) for adsorbent. The data confirmed that the total amount of sorbed chromium (VI) and its equilibrium uptake capacity increased with decreasing flow rate and increasing bed length.





Chromium (VI) adsorption, Indion GS300, fixed bed column, response surface methodology, CCD

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