Removal and Recovery of Zn (II) from Electroplating Rinse Waters Using Cation-Exchange Resins in a Packed Column

Ajay Kumar Konga


In the present study, adsorption of Zn (II) ion from rinse water of electroplating Zinc has been attempted by Indion 225 and Dueolite C20 cation exchange resins through batch and column mode. Based on isotherm analysis more efficient adsorbent is chosen for column mode adsorption studies. Indion 225 and Dueolite C20 cation exchange resins showed a remarkable increase in sorption capacity as 49.3mg/g and 13.9mg/g for Zn (II) ions respectively in static mode adsorption studies and latter was chosen for column studies. To achieve the ultimate objective of scaling up and designing of adsorption system at the pilot plant level for recovery of Zn(II) and recycle of water for rinsing an attempt has also been made to model the data generated from column studies using the empirical relationship based on Bohart–Adams Model approach.


Adsorption, ion exchange resins, Bohart–Adams Model, regeneration

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