Excess Enthalpy of Mixing for Binary and Ternary System – A Review

Mahendra Guddad, Dr. K. L. Shivabasappa


The thermodynamic properties of the mixtures containing hydrocarbon and ether are of significant attention in view of the fact that ethers are used as oxygenating agents in gasoline blending technology. Several oxygenated compounds are added to gasoline to enhance the octane number and to reduce air pollution. Excess enthalpy of mixing data of both binary and ternary system can be obtained by using various equipment and experimental procedures are reviewed. Analysis of experimental results could be used to evaluate and correlated by various solution and empirical equations like Redlich-Kister, Modified Margules, NRTL, Scatchard and UNIQUAC described in details. Redlich-Kister model is found suitable for the determination of excess enthalpy of mixtures.


Excess enthalpy, oxygenated compounds, calorimeter, binary system, ternary system

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