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Steering System for FSAE Car

Omkar Madure, Omkar Bhosale, Akshay Vilas Punde


In this study, the steering system and its analysis for the formula race car are presented and are designed, optimized and fabricated with the help of software analysis. The track width and wheelbase of an F1 car are used to find out the Ackermann angle; and with the use of the rest of the factors, optimization is implemented. The main objective is improving the actual steering system of the formulae race car, such as ergonomics, safety, optimization, etc. The steering system should be responsive enough to high speed as well as low speed turns and should also possess the same self-tuning action. The steering parameters like caster angle, kingpin, scrub radius, mechanical trail etc. have to be kept in mind while designing, and the best feasibility for these values has to be found. For designing and analysis of various parts and systems, software like solid works and ansys are used.


UV-Universal joint; rpm-rotations per minute; FSAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers)

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Omkar Madure, Omkar Bhosale, Akshay Punde. Steering System for FSAE Car. Journal of Automobile Engineering and Applications. 2019; 6(3): 28–36p.



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