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Thermodynamic Analysis of Stirling Engine and its Performance Challenges: A Review

Karan Khatke, Krishna Dutta Pandey, Kundan Gupta Gupta, Mayank Kumar Dwivedi


In present scenario the efficient use of energy and environmental safety subjected to prior importance in energy sector from creating work from fuels. A good source of energy having low cost alternative should be needed. The Stirling engine engross the interest of most of researchers. In 1816 after invention of Stirling engine by Robert Stirling, attracting new interest because of its environmental friendly credentials. The Stirling engine is a significant device in both theoretically and practically way. It is simple, safe and reliable. It works on reversible closed thermodynamic cycle. Currently in many sectors Stir. 


Stirling cycle engine, thermodynamic analysis, performance characteristics, cryogenic refrigeration

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