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A Reduction in Steering Effort For F9 Vehicle

Abhishek Pawar, Sameer Shinde, Gaurav Mane, Tushar Sargar, T. Z. Quazi


The work focus on the general steering arrangement on the basis of design synthesis and analysis of steering system. There is a significant role of the steering system in each and every vehicle to make the handling convenient according to the driving conditions and to enhance the stability of the vehicle. Aspects like wheels, steering geometry, steering assembly plays an important role to improve vehicle handling. Considering different steering modes changes the need of steering system of Formula nine vehicle. This begins with the actual design of Ackermann steering system and Ackermann steering geometry, steering components and their integration together in Solid works followed by the technical specifications of the final design.


Ackermann, Steering, Geometry, Tie-rod, Stub axle, Steering column, Kingpin, Castor, C-knuckle

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