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Oceanic Temperature Gradient as an Alternative Energy Source

Apoorva Kulkarni, Aakanksha Mishra


World is facing an energy crunch. To respond to the global warming, we either need a supply that has no carbon release or we need to find means to consume less energy. As the supply of non-renewable energy resources is depleting, there is a demand for new energy technologies. Oceans cover almost 70% of the earth’s surface, making them world’s largest solar collector. This paper discusses a new technological approach of generating electricity indirectly from solar energy by making use of the temperature difference between the sun-warmed surface of tropical ocean and the colder deep water. Being a completely natural form of energy, the electricity produced will be inexhaustible and green. The paper elaborates on the principle and working of an oceanic thermal plant in details, mentioning its easy adaptability in the current energy cycle and the drawbacks which are coupled along with it.

Keywords: Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC), ammonia, open cycle system, closed cycle system, thermal energy

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Apoorva Kulkarni, Aakanksha Mishra. Oceanic Temperature Gradient as an Alternative Energy Source. Journal of Alternate Energy Sources and Technologies. 2016; 7(3): 1–6p.

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