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Recent Developments in Solar Photovoltaics and Thermal Hybrid Technology

Karan C. Prajapati, Jatin Patel


The electrical performance of solar PV panel decreases with increase in the panel/module temperature which is cause of concern in the summer season. To decrease the effect on electrical performance due to increase in module temperature, heat is extracted from the module and used as thermal energy. Heat exchanger or heat extraction device is put on the rear surface of the PV panel and working fluid or coolant is flowed in the heat extraction device. The working fluid used is water, air; refrigerant or combined. This keeps the module surface temperature in limit. Thus the whole configuration of system is known as Solar Photo- voltaic/Thermal (PV/T)-Hybrid System. As end-result, we get electricity along with thermal energy which optimizes the system performance. Study conducted on recent development in PV/T hybrid solar collector technology has been discussed in this paper. The effect of collec- tor design and working fluid on the electrical efficiency and thermal efficiency have also been discussed along with the various parameters- solar radiation intensity, rise in temperature of working fluid, etc.


Keywords: PV/T Hybrid, solar radiation, electrical efficiency, thermal efficiency, absorber

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Karan C. Prajapati, Jatin Patel. Recent Developments in Solar  Photovoltaics and Thermal Hybrid Technology. Journal of Alternate Energy Sources and Technologies. 2015; 6(1): 14–34p.

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