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Developing Virtual Power Plant using Savonius Rotor Wind Turbine for Sustainability

Imran Mortoza Khan, Md. Kamrul Hassan


The objective of this paper is to develop VPP (virtual power plant) by extracting and transferring power to balance supply and demand, for production of power, near consumption place using Savoniusrotor wind turbine, where direction of wind changes very often,andoperates even during storm.When the wind speed is ideal and balanced, all the demand for appliance-electrical consumption converged to the same production of power compensation. However,wind speed does not stay same as ideal or balanced, so these naturally results in different levelsof production of power that is unable to yield an adequate power to compensate the demand of appliance-electrical consumption. This report undertakes on Savoniusrotor wind turbine along with relevant theoretical studies.The proposed wind turbine is worked with grid connected mode VPP. Horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) is most dominant turbine in wind power generation;Savoniusrotor wind turbine exploits the suitable property ofVerticalaxis wind turbine (VAWT).Extensive simulationis carried out in MATLAB withVPPby extracting and transferring power for balancing production of power under different wind speeds. The grid connected mode VPP obtains by considering residential loads, able to compute the sustainable power in terms ofscenarios, while reducing the usage of fossil energy resources.


Keywords:Grid connected mode virtual power plant, HAWT, VAWT, Savoniusrotor wind turbine

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Imran Mortoza Khan, Md. Kamrul Hassan. Developing Virtual Power Plant using Savonius Rotor Wind Turbine for Sustainability.Journal of Alternate Energy Sources & Technologies. 2020; 11(1): 11–36p.

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