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Evaluation of Diesel Engine Performance and Emissions Using Algal Biodiesel

Sandeep Kumar Duran, Pramod Kumar, Sarbjot S. Sandhu


Algal material has captivated the attention as renewable fuel without imposing any impact on global food markets with high biomass productivity with their ability to convert CO2 to fuel, and wastewater treatment. This work has been carried to use algal biodiesel blends as fuel in a DI (direct injection) diesel engine. The fuel properties of AB10, AB20, AB30 and AB50 along with engine performance (BP and BSFC) and emissions (CO, CO2 and NOX) were evaluated and compared with fossil fuel. The results showed that algal material as a biodiesel has fuel properties within the biodiesel standards. AB10 showed around 8.45% and 2% more brake power versus diesel fuel at 100% and 80% loading conditions. BSFC is also almost closer to diesel hence this blend ratio is suggested as a substitute fuel in diesel engine.

Keywords: Algal biodiesel, algal oil, engine, performance and emission

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Sandeep Kumar Duran, Pramod Kumar,Sarbjot S. Sandhu Evaluation of Diesel Engine Performance and Emissions Using Algal Biodiesel Journal of Alternate Energy Sources & Technologies . 2020;11(1): 37-43 p.

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