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Performance Evaluation of H 2 SO 4 -Rice Husk-Moss Adsorbent for the Removal of Zn (II) Ion from the Effluent of Science Equipment Development Institute (SEDI)

Abdullahi, U. B


This research was carried out to investigate the potential of green algae (moss) with the support of H 2 SO 4 treated rice husk activated carbon using batch adsorption process for the removal of Zn (II) ions from SEDI industrial effluent. The rice husk- moss algae was activated using H 2 SO 4 . The effluent was characterized using atomic absorption spectrophotometer with initial concentration values of 12.3 mg/l for Zn ion. The batch adsorption process was carried out by varying parameters such as adsorbent dosage, contact time, and adsorption temperature for the effluent sample. From the results obtained the optimum conditions for the adsorption process were; 5g of adsorbent in 100ml of waste water sample, temperature of 120 0 C and contact time of 120 minutes. It was observed that the adsorption increased with increase in contact time as well as adsorbent dosage and temperature. From the values generated after the adsorption there was a slight reduction in pore volume from 0.3423 to 0.218 cm 3 /g and pore size (2.326 to 2.320 nm) but larger reduction in surface areas of 359.15 m 2 /g indicated that the adsorbent material pore spaces have been filled to some extent. The adsorption operation was also investigated using adsorption isotherms. At the cause of this research, it was observed that the adsorption of Zn (II) ions fits more appropriately to the Langmuir adsorption isotherm respectively. The Freundlich constant (n) fell between 1 and 10 which indicates that the process is very favourable. The research also reveal that the activated carbon from rice husk-moss is effective for the removal of Zn (II) ions in any industrial effluent where Zn(II) ions is present.


Rice Husk, Moss, BET, FTIR, SEM, Proximate Analysis, Batch Adsorption, Influent of Science, Evaluation

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