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Temperature Control of Heat Exchanger using Sliding Mode Control Law

A.R. Laware, D.B. Talange, V.S. Bandal


Shell and tube heat exchanger system is widely used in chemical plants as it sustains wide range of temperature and pressure. The main purpose of heat exchanger is to transfer heat from a hot fluid to a cooler fluid, so temperature control of outlet fluid is having prime importance. To control the temperature of outlet fluid of shell and tube heat exchanger, a conventional PID controller can be used. But due to inherent disadvantages of conventional control techniques, sliding mode controller is proposed to control the temperature of outlet fluid of shell and tube heat exchanger. The designed controller regulates the outlet fluid temperature to a desired set point in a shortest time irrespective of inlet process fluid temperature and flow rate variations and non-linearity. The proposed sliding mode controller gives better dynamic performance than the classical controllers, in terms of process speed, settling time, maximum overshoot and steady state error.

Keywords: Shell and tube heat exchanger, SMC, FOPDT model, IMC, PID with feedback and feed forward architecture

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Laware AR, Talange DB, Bandal VS. Temperature Control of Heat Exchanger Using Sliding Mode Control Law. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2015; 6(1): 14–26p.

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