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Dynamic Modelling, Simulation of Single-Link Flexible Robot Manipulator and its Control

Lochan K., Surajit S., Binoy K.R.


This paper presents the dynamic modelling of single link flexible manipulator based on Assumed Modes Method. Modelling of flexible robot manipulator is a challenging task because of its nonlinearity and complexity involved in the dynamics.  Kinetic energy, potential energy, and dissipation energy are taken into consideration for dynamics modelling. The model is simulated using SIMULINK software by considering proper parameters and constants. Modelling dynamics is simulated by using two different inputs (bang-bang, and step) as angular position, both in open and closed loop of the system. Classical PID controller is designed using MATLAB pidtune command. Particle Swarm Optimization is also used to find the tuning parameter of PID controller. Comparison is made between these two PID controllers. Performances of the controllers are shown in terms of tp, Mp, ISE, and IAE.


Keywords: Robot manipulator, flexible link, modelling, simulation, PID control

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