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Drum-Boiler Dynamics and its Water Level Control

Lalit Rai, Sanjai Kumar Agarwal


Boilers used for continuous steam generation on large scale. Controlling aspect in boiler process is highly difficult as the system is complex and exhibit nonlinearity, the dynamics of boiler varies with load and multivariable dependent. The main cause of instability in boiler operation is due to the integration effect in it. In addition to that, boilers are normally used where there is sudden load variation without prior knowledge. In this paper, a nonlinear dynamics drum-boilers is being presented. The model approximately demonstrates the complex dynamics of the drum boiler, down comer, and riser components. It is derived from basic conservation of mass, energy and enthalpy of a system and is characterized by a few physical lumped parameters. During the course of study the balance between the simplicity to study the boiler operation and complexity has been keenly maintained. The model shown exhibits the behavior of the system over a wide operating range.

Keywords: Boiler, model, control, level, pressure

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Lalit Rai, Sanjai Kumar Agarwal. Drum-Boiler Dynamics and its Water Level Control. Journal of Control & Instrumentation. 2018; 9(1): 10–16p.

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