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Automatic Wheelchair

Krishna A


Automated wheelchair for physically disabled person is a dependent user recognition voice
system and ultrasonic and infrared sensor systems have been integrated in this proposed
wheelchair. In this an automation wheelchair which can be driven using voice commands and
with the possibility of avoiding obstacle by using infrared sensors and downstairs or hold
detection by using ultrasonic sensors was proposed. The wheelchair has been developed to
work on movement of accelerometer which will help for the person whose limbs are not
working. The speech is recognized by the HM2007 IC or Bluetooth module HC-05and
processed thus giving commands to the microcontroller accordingly and hence to the robot.
When accelerometer moves or tilts its position, thus gives analog signals to microcontroller
and convert it into appropriate digital level so as to move the motor of wheelchair. Infrared
sensors are used to detect the obstacle. If any obstacle is detected then it gives signals to
microcontroller and it will stop the motors. Microcontroller controls the movements of the

Keywords: Accelerometer, Automatic wheelchair, Infrared sensor, Micro controller, robot,
Ultrasonic Sensor

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