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Types of Motors Used in Electric Vehicles

Anurag Dwivedi, Nitesh Tiwari, Kajal Tripathi, Sanghmitra Baudh


A large number of pollutants is being emitted through conventional vehicles due to internal
combustion in its engine which increases pollution in the atmosphere. The price and demand
for fuel have also increased. So future demand and development of electric vehicles (EV)
growing because it is eco-friendly, economical and high efficient. This paper presents the
comparison between different types of motors which can be used in electric vehicles so that it
can run with its best efficiency. In this paper a comparative study is also done between
induction motor (IM), switched reluctance motor (SRM), DC motor, permanent magnet
brushless AC motor (PM BL+AC) and permanent magnet brushless AC motor (PM
BLDC).After a study of characteristics of different types of motors, it has been found that
permanent magnet brushless DC motor and the induction motor is more reliable, efficient,
and has high power density as compared to other types of motors discussed in this paper. A
brief study about different types of energy storage devices and alternative fuels which can be
used in electric vehicles is also done in this paper.

Keywords: Electric vehicles, Induction motor (IM), Permanent magnet brushless DC motor
(PMBLDC), Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM), energy storage devices.

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