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Design of High Voltage Generation through Cockcroft–Walton Voltage Multiplier Circuit: A Review

Prakruti Shah, Misha Jariwala, Deepak Mishra


There are several advantages of High voltage DC (HVDC) system. However, the main limitation of the HVDC system is the generation of HVDC. Therefore, the objective of the paper is to emphasize the design of a high voltage generation through Cockcroft–Walton Voltage multiplier circuit. This paper focus on development in Cockcroft-Walton Voltage multiplier circuit since decades, various other topologies available, designing parameters of Cockcroft–Walton Voltage multiplier circuit. The paper tends to explain the working of Cockcroft–Walton Voltage multiplier circuit for high voltage generation. With literature analysis operation of Cockcroft–Walton Voltage multiplier circuit is explained here and being a review paper, it does not include detailed explanation but the content of the paper is enough to understand the topologies, terminologies and parameters of designing the circuit.


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