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Saba Khalili, Sudha K, Vanshika Mittal, Abhilasha Bhatnagar, Aayushi Singh


Machine learning (ML) is a rising field. It already plays an important role in many fields, with projects of all sizes showing its positive impact. One such use of machine learning algorithms is in the healthcare field. Medical facilities need to be improved in order to make better decisions about patient diagnosis and treatment options. In this paper, we attempt to use the performance of Machine learning equipment in health care in one system. Instead of diagnoses, disease predictions are made using machine-based algorithms using an easy-to-use GUI. Smart disease predictions are made using the Decision Tree Classifier, Random Forest, K-Nearest Neighbor and Naive Bayes Classifier. These algorithms will then be used in a complete set of data to help predict the disease. This paper focuses on the development of a system that will greatly assist in resolving health- related issues by helping physicians to predict and diagnose diseases at an early age. This can go a long way in reducing the risk of death from negligence or misdiagnosis

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