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Divyansh Garg, Shubham Kaushiek, Vaibhav Kumar, Dharmendra Singh


This piece of study shows the existing condition based monitoring and fault diagnostics techniques in a machine. Vibrations are produced in every machine and their amplitude depends upon the type of faults present in the machine, for example, gear fault, journal bearing, rolling contact bearing, flexible coupling and electrical machine faults. The main challenge for the condition monitoring of the machines is the cost and complexity of condition machine monitoring system which increases with increase in number of measurements. The main purpose of condition monitoring is to avoid the catastrophic failure due to the vibrations which is the main reason for the unplanned downtime of a machine. Condition based monitoring helps in making strategies to avoid unwarrantedtragic failure.



KEYWORDS: Condition Monitoring, Transducer, Fault Diagnostics, Maintenance.


Condition monitoring; fault diagnostics; maintenance; transducer

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