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Optimal Design of Gusset plate and Analysis of Bailey Steel Truss Joint

K NV Chandrasekhar, Akhileshwar Reddy, Akhileshwar Reddy, Arunodaya Reddy, Arunodaya Reddy


In order to achieve safe and economic steel structure joint, we are going to design a gusset plate such that its shape is optimized by achieving the same amount of strength. In conventional method of designing a joint we make sure that gusset plate is able to bear the load and joint is safe, but lot of material is wasted where there is no stress induced. So, to avoid this wastage of material it can be optimized. Gusset plate is optimized in MIDAS package and is designed and analyzed in Idea Statica software. A Bailey Truss joint is analyzed and practical loading has applied to know the behavior of the gusset plate and IS code checks have been performed to verify the analysis.  The gusset plate joint is found to be safe and the percentage of material of the plate saved by the process optimization is calcuated.


Bailey; design; gusset plate; optimization; steel; truss

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