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Piled Raft Design Approach for a High Rise Building on Tithal Road, Valsad, Gujarat

Uttam Kumar, S. A. Vasanwala



The piled raft foundation has been efficiently used for the foundation of high rise structures. A typical high rise building generally imparts higher load on central core area due to existence of lifts, elevators and shear walls, comparison to the edge area. The shallow foundation may not control the settlement and the pile foundation cost may be expansive for the foundation of high rise structures. The piled raft foundation can reduce the total settlement as well as differential settlement effectively with a good economic performance. The components of a piled raft foundation should be designed in such a way that it can withstand the non-uniform load of a typical high rise building. The parametric numerical study has been carried out for the different piled raft configurations to propose the foundation of a 14 storey high rise building under Gujarat housing board project on Tithal road, Valsad. The present numerical study is based on the preliminary design strategies of piled raft foundation serving the settlement criteria as well as economic performance of the chosen arrangement of piled raft configurations. All the configurations of piled raft foundation were studied in the terms of maximum settlement, differential settlement, bending moment and pile axial load. The study shows that the reduction in the pile length at specified position was found effective to reduce the overall cost of construction, whereas the permissible values of settlements were always obeyed. Plaxis 3D finite element tool has been adopted for the present numerical analysis.


Keywords: Pile, Raft, Settlement, Differential settlement, Pile axial load, Optimization

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Uttam Kumar, Vasanwala SA. Piled Raft Design Approach for a High Rise Building on Tithal Road, Valsad, Gujarat. Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. 2018; 5(1):

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