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A Review on Chiral Metamaterials and its Applications in Antennas

Manoj Kumar, Preet Kaur



This paper presents a review of the chiral metamaterials (CMM) and their different specific properties like circular dichroism, negative refractive index, and giant optical activity. The physical properties of metàmaterials circular dichroism and the method of retrieval of effective parameters of the CMM are discussed in detail. The various classes of the chiral metamaterial and their results of the simulation are presented. The study shows that the chiral metamaterials have the ability to convert linearly polarized wave into the circularly polarized wave in microwave and optical frequency range. Figure of Merit of the chiral metàmaterial is relatively low compared with ordinary metàmaterials at given resonant frequencies which limit applicable frequency band of negative refractive indices that can be substantially improved using a substrate with lower loss dielectric. The future of chiral metàmaterial is also briefly discussed.

Keywords: Circular dichroism, chiràl metàmaterial, giànt optical activity, LCP, negative refractive index, RCP

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Manoj Kumar, Preet Kaur. A Review on Chiral Metamaterials and its Applications in Antennas. Journal of Microwave Engineering & Technologies. 2018; 5(2): 5–16p.

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