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An Extended Semi-circular Microstrip Patch Antenna with DGS for UWB Applications

Arashpreet Kaur, Amanpreet Kaur


This paper presents the design of a semicircular patch with an extended length for UWB applications. The proposed antenna is fabricated on FR4 substrate with relative permittivity of =4.4 and dimensions of 29.5x38x1.57 . The feed used in proposed design is 50 Ω microstrip feed line. The partial ground structure with a T-shaped slot and dual right angled isosceles triangular notches of side 3 mm each has been introduced to improve the bandwidth of antenna. This helps to reduce the surface waves. The designed antenna covers the wireless bands from 3.09 to 9.7 GHz with ultra-wide bandwidth of 6610 MHz. Antenna provides peak gain of 4.58 dB at frequency of 7.6 GHz. The designing and simulation results of various antenna parameters like return loss, radiation pattern, Smith chart and VSWR are carried out in CST MWS V’14.



Microstrip patch antenna, dual right angled isosceles triangular notches, T-shaped slot, ultra-wide band (UWB), CST MWS’14

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