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A Compact Umbrella Shaped Patch Antenna using DGS for Dual/Triple/Quad Band Applications

Komal Garg, Sukhdeep Kaur


In this paper, a compact Umbrella shaped microstrip patch antenna for Quad band applications specially for X band, Ku band and K band applications is presented. The antenna is simulated using the Ansys soft HFSS simulator. The size of the antenna is 25 mm×25  mm ×1  mm and printed on an FR4 substrate. Defected ground structure in the form of concentric circular rings is used to increase the bandwidth of an antenna. The proposed antenna resonates at frequency 10.08 GHz, 13.5  GHz, 16.3  GHz and 19.6  GHz having return losses of –27dB, –22dB, –32dB and –39dB respectively. The antenna has a bi-directional radiation pattern and useful for radar, satellite and microwave communication applications.



Quad band, Umbrella shaped patch, Microstrip feed, DGS, X-band, K-band, Ku-band

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