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Investigation on Torque and Thrust Forces in Radial Drilling of Copper Alloys

Aripaka Jyothi, D. Simhachalam


As a part of research over improvement of machining process; cutting forces, metal removal rate (MRR) and surface finish on mechanical elements has become quite significant in the operational and aesthetical point of view. To enhance accuracy and precision by adopting energy saving techniques, manufacturing firms are adopting automated systems in order to achieve manufacturing excellence. In the present work, the effect of various process parameters like spindle speed, feed, and drill diameter on torque, thrust force, MRR and surface finish in radial drilling process for copper alloys (copper, brass and bronze) are investigated by using Box Behnken Design. Three factors/three levels were used and total 15 experiments were performed. The coefficients were calculated by using regression analysis and the model was constructed. The adequacy of the developed model was checked using analysis of variance (ANOVA) technique. By using the mathematical model, the main and interaction effect of various process parameters on torque, thrust force, MRR and surface finish are studied.


Drilling, copper alloys, DOE, torque, thrust

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