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Wear Behavior of Al-Alloy (Al-5 Mg) in-situ Reinforced TiB2 Particulate

V. R. Baviskar, G. S. Deole, A. S. Tambavekar, S. R. Sable, M. M. Chitale, V. M. Nimbalkar


A research has been carried out for replacing Al monolithic alloys by aluminium (Al) based metal matrix composites (MMCs) in many engineering applications where high wear resistance and stiffness are required. In this paper, the investigated dry sliding wear behavior of TiB2 particulate reinforced composite of Al-Alloy (Al-5 Mg) is discussed. The in-situ Al-Alloy (Al-5 Mg) 10wt% TiB2 composite material were  prepared by molten flux reaction synthesis using electric melting furnace. Dry sliding wear behavior of composites was estimated by pin on disc method and wear data is linked with SEM studies. The end result showed that the wear resistance of cast Al-Alloy (Al-5 Mg) can be improved further by fine size TiB2 particulate reinforcement formed in in-situ during reaction synthesis and have moral bonding with matrix.



Al-Alloys (Al-5 Mg), particulate, reinforcement, composites, wear synthesis

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