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In Situ Determination of Surface Porosity and Pore Characterization in Refractories

Iyiola Olatunji Otunniyi


Surface pore characterization and surface porosity determination of test refractories produced to varying porosities were done using image analysis. The surface pore count, pore size and pore area distributions were presented in a surface porosity chart that is characteristic of the surface. Instant visual information from these chart were noted. The sharp beak pattern, for instance, is notable as a chart signature characteristic of a dent or rupture on the refractory surface. Based on the production compositions, the surface porosity values show that the method is self consistent. Image analysis technique therefore gives far more information about the surface pore condition than the single apparent porosity value obtained with the immersion techniques. Given the high computing and memory capacities on most PCs and devices now, refractories surfaces can be monitored and quantitative data obtained in situ and non-destructively. With some improvement and standardization, image analysis has more space in refractory porosity assessment than at present.


refractories, surface porosity, image analysis

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