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Innovative Process Renovation in Phosphating for Corrosion (Resistance), Energy & Quality Improvement

Priyavrat Thareja


The phenomenon of corrosion is of unsolicited importance, but its obviating agent-phosphating- has more roles than of a mere preservation. Viz enhancement of lubricating properties for wiredrawing. The efficiencies need be studied, researched and monitored, for respective purpose(s). The modus operandi  of protective film developed, in turn apart from improving the quality of product, also depends as to how the process parameters have been controlled. Criticality of the present case arose when the cost of energy arose exorbitantly, inviting a relook at the inefficient and ineffective process, both from cost and quality angle. The challenge had actually emanated because of excessive thermal energy usage, making process economics out of reach. The corrective endeavor based, ‘Innovation’ deployed helped not only reduced content/cost of energy by lowering temperature of the electrolyte, and the energy consumption; but also increased the quality and productivity. The motivation for this paper comes from the potential suitable innovation can play for improving the process dynamics for all round gains. The need is a secure planning and persistence in honing the process parameters.


Phosphating bath heating, corrosion, creativity, life cycle thinking

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