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Surface Characterization of Heat Treated Tool Steel after W-EDM

M. M. Dhobe, I. K. Chopde, C. L. Gogte


In order to meet the increasing demands of performance and reliability of sophisticated components, quality of a machined surface plays an important role. In this research paper, it has been tried to investigate the effect of heat treatment on the surface quality of AISI D2 tool steel after Wire-Electro Discharge Machining (W-EDM). The test specimens were prepared by milling and then carrying out hardening and tempering in different ways and then machined with W-EDM process. Scanning electron microscopy, surface roughness and hardness tests were used to study the characteristics of the machined surface.After analyzing the surface topography and test results it is observed that the recast layer drawplates are of smaller size in single tempering as compared to double and triple tempering. Similarly, the white layer of smaller thickness with higher hardness and lower surface roughness values is observed after single tempering.


Tool steel, heat treatment, W-EDM, hardness, surface roughness, white layer.

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