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Implications of WC–cobalt Composed Forms Matrix

B. Goswami, T. K. Pathak


This article summarizes some forms of tungsten carbide in metals under composition. Accumulated ceramic and metal powders produce cement carbide (CC). Systems in these categories are used to manufacture resistive equipment. Cementation method of tungsten carbide is a metallic manner. CC mine drills are applied for any corrosion resistant purposes. Common matrix metals are Co, Ni, Cu, Al, etc. The performance fault from heat-treated assisted oxidation was assessed by the shape annulus range used in the oil drill flow structure. Heat-treatment of cemented carbide involves stabilizing the Co matrix after dissolution of W and C. Therefore, WC re-stabilized in co-cemented carbide in services. The spray technique is of major importance regarding the preparation of cemented carbide surface coat, especially on steel components.


WC, Cobalt, Cementation, Ceramic, Composite, Dislodge

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