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Synthesis and Characterization of Green Synthesized Iron Nano Particle (GInP) Using Eucalyptus globulus for Lead Removal

Yemane Gebremedihn, S. Anuradha Jabasingh


The application of green synthesized iron nanoparticle for the removal of lead is researched in this study. The FT-IR and XRD results reveal that a nanoparticle with 80 nm size could be synthesized using Eucalyptus globulus leaf extract. The specific surface area of the nanoparticle was found to be 59 m2/g. The lead removal capability of the green synthesized iron nanoparticle (GInP) was investigated for lead concentration ranging from 50–250 ppm. Batch experiments were performed to investigate the influence of lead concentration, contact time, dosage of GInP and pH on the removal process. It has been found that GInP has a high selectivity and adsorption capacity during the removal of Pb2+ from aqueous solution.


Iron nanoparticle, adsorption, lead, percentage removal, Eucalyptus globules

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