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Fabrication of AA5182-Semis for Precise Components

Prantik Mukhopadhyay


Al4.5MgMn alloy is known to show an excellent physical and mechanical properties as well as manufacturing and fabrication ease as semis, suitable for making precise components like hull of the light weight vehicles and seamless tubes. Present work has tried to describe the development of microstructure and texture of an industrial tandem hot rolled Al4.5MgMn alloy sheet after laboratory cold rolling and annealing. Crystallographic orientation dependent strengthening rate has been formulated. Dynamic recovery islets analogous to dislocation cells are formed in deformed zones surrounding dispersoid particles, after cold rolling. Size of dynamic recovery islets, formed in deformed zones, has been derived. Annealing revealed an intrinsic constitutive trend of discontinuous and continuous recrystallization. Comparatively strain free grains formed during discontinuous recrystallization, predominantly from dispersoid particles at grain boundaries, with random crystallographic texture. Crystallographic texture revealed that normal direction, ND, rotated Cube grains were developed due to oriented growth of  boundaries. Gradual recovery of the {011}|| ND, -fibre, extended with time, has been found during annealing at 573K. Crystallographic feasibility of  boundary development between well-known crystallographic orientations has been postulated.


Al4.5MgMn; Cold Rolling; Annealing; Deep Drawing; Electron Microscopy, Microstructure; Texture; Grain boundaries, Discontinuous and continuous Recrystallization

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