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Improved TOPSIS for Al-SiC Composite Material Selection

Man Su Hwang, Hyon Jin Kim, Hyon Ju Song


This paper proposes a novel Multi-Criteria Decision-Making(MCDM) method for attaining accurate and reliable results on Al-SiC composite material selection. Many of the existing researches suggested some methods for determining weights for criteria objectively and dealt with various mathematical models for eliminating inter-criteria correlation. However, they still involve some considerable shortcomings not fitting in the reality. In this paper, in order to determine the weights of criteria, methods for both subjective weight setting and object weight determination are considered. The aim of this study is to examine the effectiveness of the improved Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution(TOPSIS), in which M-distance(Wang, 2012)is utilized to remove the inter-criteria correlation. To evaluate the validity of the proposed composite method, the priority for Al-SiC candidate materials is calculated on 4 criteria(compression strength, density coefficient, strain-hardening index, formation stress index) and its results were compared with other MCDM methods(Classical TOPSIS, PROMETHEE-Ⅱ, weighted sum product, weighted sum model, Entropy-TOPSIS).


MCDM, TOPSIS, Composite Material Selection

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