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Design and Fabrication of Portable Two Wheeler Washing Plant

Laxmikiran Kalyanapu, Manisha Bhalerao, Pratik Jagtap, Suyash Ingulkar



The design objective is to come up with an automatic two wheeler washing system automatically using Arduino Uno. This project aims at cleansing the front, top and rear surfaces of the vehicle properly. A vertical moveable frame is suspended with 15 to 18 nozzles coupled to it. Nearly about 12 to 15 nozzles are used to eject water from the water tank on the vehicle and 5-6 nozzles are used to spray shampoo on it. Preferably the left end of the platform is suspended by a chain coupled to the frame & connected to the right end of the platform for uniform vertical movement. Accordingly, the vertical movement of frame along with pressure fluid nozzles causes all the sides of bike cleanse properly. The pressure of water through nozzles is maintained by a submersible centrifugal pump. The actuators and relays are interfaced to an Arduino Uno microcontroller that controls working of all the motors. The microcontroller moves the vehicle both in forward and reverse direction spraying water as well as shampoo on it. The movement and time taken for cleansing the bike are controlled automatically by programming through Arduino IDE software and bluetooth. As estimated time finishes, microcontroller turns off relays and actuators indicating cleansing of bike is done automatically depending on the input provided by the mobile device using Bluetooth feature. For this purpose, a firm construction needs to be built to support the system. This needs to be designed with appropriate dimensions and well fabrication. For proper working of whole unit, the construction should withstand high intensity of forces and vibration during its operation.

Keywords: Fabrication, Portable, Microcontroller, Bluetooth, Suspension, Submersible centrifugal pump, Microchip, Electromagnetic relay, Recycled water, Solid state relay.

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Laxmikiran Kalyanapu, Manisha Bhalerao, Pratik Jagtap, Suyash Ingulkar. Design and Fabrication of Portable Two Wheeler Washing Plant. Journal of Microelectronics and Solid State Devices. 2020; 7(2): 9–12p.

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