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Results of Thermal and Electric Field Influences on Cholesteric Liquid Crystals and their Application in new Technologies

Michael Shoikhedbrod


A significant achievement of recent decades is application of cholesteric liquid crystals in modern optical technologies. Cholesteric liquid crystals (ChLC) have unusual, and in some cases unique properties compared to traditional optical materials - the possibility of smooth and local control optical characteristics of the medium: light transmission, light scattering, polarization, refraction, reflection, absorption light, and color parameters. This control can be carried out electrical, light signals, mechanical, thermal, magnetic and even chemical influences. The article, along with a description of the optical property of cholesteric liquid crystal available in the scientific literature, taken by it under heat influence, reveals a remarkable possibility of using this property for diagnosing breast cancer in normal and convenient conditions for women during diagnostics in which the female breast is completely covered and fixed, allowing the obtaining a high-contrast color high-quality image of a benign or malignant tumor, if the tumor is diagnosed in a woman. The article also describing the optical property of cholesteric liquid crystal, which it taken under electrical influence, reveals a remarkable possibility of creating a basic mechanism for the operation of cholesteric liquid crystal displays that do not require energy to store information (zero power), are perfectly readable in sunlight and retain colors even with disconnected from power, can be used in applications with very high temperatures, for example, for outdoor use, have very low power consumption, preferred for use in stand-alone applications (solar energy).


cholesteric liquid crystal; optical electrical properties; breast cancer diagnosing; cholesteric liquid crystal displays; heat influence; electrical influence

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