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Multi-objective Reactive Power Planning based on MNSGA II

S. Jeyadevi



This paper presents an application of modified NSGA-II (MNSGA-II) to reactive power planning (RPP) problem by minimizing the total cost (which consist of sum of annual energy cost and the installation cost of additional reactive power sources) and the load bus voltage deviations. Voltage stability index is considered as an additional constraint in order to include the system stability into account. Reference Pareto-front is generated using covariance matrix adopted. Evolutionary method (CMAES) with a couple of runs of single goal optimization with a weighted sum of targets so that itvalidate the Pareto-front acquired using of MNSGA-II. Tamil Nadu electricity board (TNEB) 69-bus system (a practical system in India) is considered for simulation purposes. The performance of MNSGA-II and NSGA-II approaches are carried out with respect to multi-objective performance measures. To determine best compromise solution, TOPSIS technique is applied on obtained nondominated solutions. The obtained simulation results are reasonably promising and the MNSGA-II performs better than NSGA-II inorder to solve RPP effectively.

Keywords: CMAES, modified NSGA-II, reactive power, RPP

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S. Jeyadevi. Multi-objective Reactive Power Planning based on MNSGA II. Journal of Nuclear Engineering & Technology. 2020; 10(1): 37–45p.

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